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Testing out the Sportspal Canoe!!

Posted by Marc Morrone on



What a Blast I had fishing this small creek in the Sportspal Canoe.  Not only did I get a few LargeMouth Bass to take my bait, but as you can see in the video above - this Pike zipped right under and around the canoe putting me off balance (not my most graceful moment!), but I still felt totally secure.

The Sportspal Canoe is the most stable and light weight canoe I have fished by far!

As we get into summer - fishing the smaller creeks, rivers, and harder to access lakes, is a great way to beat the tougher mid-summer fishing and get away from the crowds!  The Sportspal is Perfect!  At only 58 pounds, it weighs less than most fishing kayaks, and unlike most kayaks, it easily fishes two people.

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