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Elk River Custom Rods Warranty

We strive to build rods that are high performance, and highly dependable, but stuff happens. When it does we are here to help!

Our 5 Year No-Hassle warranty is here to help (2 Year No-Hassle warranty on ice rods). A phone call or e-mail is always appreciated to determine if it’s probably a defect or accident. Please include this information with all returned rods so we can contact you if we have any questions:

  • Your Name
  • Return shipping address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Explanation of problem

If you have a problem that you believe is a defect, and the rod is 1 year old or less: Please return the rod to us, with a check for $15 to cover return shipping. Most defects generally show up in the first few uses.

If we determine the problem is due to defect, we will repair or replace your rod at no additional charge. If it appears to be damaged due to an accident or misuse, we may contact you for more information.

If you know it was an accident or your rod is more than 1 year old: you can return your rod with a check for $65.00 for ER1 rods, $75.00 for ERX rods, $40.00 for ice rods - plus $15 for return shipping, and we will replace your rod no questions asked.

Custom Options on rods: Our warranty applies to the base rod only, any custom options will be charged at standard price.  If the rod broke as a defect, custom options will be included on the replacement rod no charge.


Contact Us:                                                        Return all warranty rods to:

Phone: 715-339-4209                                         Elk River Custom Rods

Email:               Warranty Dept.

                                                                            1424 North Lake Ave

                                                                            Phillips, WI 54555